International Webinar: "How to utilize Artificial Intelligence in writing a research paper"

The seminar "How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Writing a Research Paper" has various very important interests, especially in academic and research contexts. Several reasons why this seminar is important, namely :

1.     Increased Research Efficiency: AI can help in collecting and analyzing data more quickly and accurately. This allows researchers to save time and focus on the creative and critical aspects of their research.

2.     Improved Writing Quality: AI tools can help in drafting, correcting grammar, checking errors, and improving the clarity and coherence of writing. This ensures that the research paper is more professional and easy to understand.

3.     Deeper Research: AI can help in conducting complex data analysis and finding patterns or insights that may not be visible to humans. This seminar can increase the depth and quality of research.

4.     Access to a Wider Resource: With AI, researchers can access and manage a wider range of resources, such as journals, papers, and scientific databases, more efficiently. This makes it easier to search for relevant literature and supports the research argument.

5.     Learning and Skills Development: Attending these seminars can provide insight into the latest technologies and how to integrate them in research. It also helps researchers in developing new skills relevant to the digital era.

6.     Collaboration and Networking: These kinds of seminars provide a platform to meet and interact with fellow researchers, AI experts, and other professionals. This can open up opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Therefore, attending the seminar "How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Writing a Research Paper" can provide a competitive advantage for researchers and academics, helping them to remain relevant and effective in an ever-evolving research environment.

This seminar will be presented by speakers that is expert in their fields, namely

First Speaker Dr. Santosh Kumar Pandey from India.

Educational Qualification Details

Ph.D. in the 2021 Law

SRF in Law 2015 UGC

JRF in Law 2012 UGC

NET in Law UGC 2012

LL.M. 2010

LL.B. 2008

B.Sc. (Mathematics) 2002

Publication -35 Articles in International Reference Journals

Participation--Participated in more than 50 National and International seminars and webinars. Invited Lecturer-08 In government and non-government environments.

Second Speaker Jhon Benedict L. Layoc from the Philippines

Educational Achievement

Doctorate in Educational Management 2023-Present, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Master of Arts in the Philippines 2020, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Bachelor of Secondary Education in the Philippines 2016, Rizal University of Technology


1.     Sustainability of Food Services and Waste Management

2.     Event Management – National Certificate III

3.     Perfect at Microsoft – Microsoft Innovative Educator

4.     Proficient in oral and written communication

5.     Public speaking

Professional Experience

Faculty Lecturer, Teacher/Lecturer, Writer, Teacher-Broadcaster, Service Crew and also has published written work. And also has experience in filling national and international seminars.

The third speaker was Joemar T. MiƱoza from the Philippines

Associate Professor of Language, Literature, and Communication at Cebu-Tuburan Technological University, Cebu, Philippines, completed a Master of Arts degree in Education with a major in English Language Teaching, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in English Language Teaching.

Fee: Free of Charge

Certificate: USD 10$ 

Date: June 15th, 2024; 07.00 Indonesian Western Time (WIB)

Location: Zoom Online

Contact us: 

WhatsApp: +62 822 7633 3785 (Ms Laura)

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