About Us

International Association of Contemporary Researchers (IACR) is a non-profit scientific organization whose purpose is to the advancement of science and further to distribute knowledge that is accessible to everyone for improving life quality and welfare. IACR membership is open to anyone working in the field of education (Teachers or Lecturers, Professors) and/or research in any domain. Members of IACR widely vary in their professions such as postgraduate students, research scientist/engineers, faculties, professor emeritus and so forth, from around the globe.

Our principal aims are to be an international platform to facilitate cooperation among the professionals in various fields of academia as well as the research industry and thus to nurture sustainable and socio-economically inclusive education and research. Our key goals include:

1. Encourage interactions among the educators and/or researchers by providing networking opportunities;

2. Promote excellence in education and research through collaboration.

3. Stimulate discussion and exchange of information and ideas among the educators and/or researchers.

Benefits to join IACR:

1. Worldwide networking opportunity

2. Knowledge sharing and exchange

3. Publication opportunity of new Research results

4. IACR's Certificate for all members and advisory board

5. All members credentials (expertise and affiliation) will be available in IACR's website

Click here to register: https://forms.gle/e4xwBjETdnvTrRt7A

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